Did you know…..

Did you know…..

6. februar 2021 Slået fra Af Mary-Ann

  1. That you can use “New ajustment layer”:

    to change contrasts, curves and much more. It is a layer that simulates changes in your image. If you use e.g. Ajust | Brighten and Constrast | Curves, then you make the change directly on your image. Do you use Layers | instead New adjustment layers | Curves, then the change will lie in a layer that you can turn on and off as it suits you. If you regret it, you can just delete the layer completely.
    It also has the advantage that if you only want the effect on a part of the image, then you can make a selection before you make the layer, and then the effect will only be valid in that area.
    You can also color with Hue / Sat./Lightness

  2. That if you need to cast shadows on an image

    it is sometimes better to use Burn Tool, rather than Drop Shadow.
    See why in my tutorial on Shadows

  3. That to make an object appear transparent

    may one put a colored shadow under the project? To give the impression that the light is shining through the object, you can use your Dodge tool. Here is a short Tutorial for the ball.

  4. That, when using Hot Wax Coating

    should always use a light foreground color?
    Hot Wax Coating gives a slightly metallic effect, especially if you “soften” the object first.

  5.  That every time you save an image as JPG

    then the image is compressed. That is, the more times you save it, the worse it gets. Always save an original of your image as a PSP file. You can then make a copy of this file and make the corrections you want, and then you can save it as a JPG. See the difference below.