Make a Heart in PaintShop Pro

Make a Heart in PaintShop Pro

26. maj 2021 Slået fra Af Mary-Ann

  1. New Image

    New image 500X500. Background is up to you.

  2. Preset Shape

    Select the Preset Shape tool in the Toolbar. Select the Heart and use the settings as below.
    Set your background color to Red and make sure there is no Outline. Set e.g. the foreground color to Transparent.

  3. Draw the heart

    With your mouse, you draw a heart, in the size you want. I have selected “Vector” on the Toolbar for several reasons. A new layer is automatically created, you can subsequently draw the heart in the size you want, and if you can use vector, you can even change the shape of the heart afterwards.
    Normally I would change the shape of the white semicircles, by working with “Notes”. It’s a bit awkward if you do not know about Vector, so I have chosen the easy way. The semicircles do not become as soft in the contours as you might wish, but hopefully it gives an idea of how to easily make a heart.
    Hjerte tegnet i Preset Shapes

  4. Effects| Cutout

    In your layer palette, right-click on the layer with the heart. Select “Convert to raster layer”. Now you can no longer change the heart, except if you use the “Pick tool”. With it you can resize
    Go to Effects | Cutout and set the settings as below.

  5. Highlights

    First set your background color to white.
    Select Preset Shapes again, but this time select Ellipse. Use the settings as below.
    Draw a circle and fit it at the top on one side of the heart. It should be a little smaller. See the picture below.
    Right-click on the layer with the circle and select Convert to Raster layer.

  6. Selection

    Click on your Selection tool and select Elllipse.
    Place the mouse at the bottom of the white circle and drag. You can decide for yourself what shape you want the circle to have, but I prefer it to be almost completely round.
    Once you have dragged the selection as you want it. Release the mouse and the selection is now over part of the white circle. If you are not completely satisfied, you can use the “Mover Tool” and with the right mouse button you can drag the selection wherever you want.
    Make sure your Layer with the white circle is active and press Delete.
    As a result, part of the white circle disappears.
    Press Ctrl + D to clear the selection.

  7. Ajust| Blur| Gaussian Blur

    Go to Ajust | Blur | Gaussian Blur. Set Radius to 2 and click OK.
    Select Pick Tool, and set mode to Scale. Thereby Shows a “handle”. Hold the mouse over it, and when the Cursor changes to two Round arrows, you can rotate the white “Semicircle” a bit.
    In the layer palette you set Opacity to approx. 60.

  8. Dublikate Layer

    Right-click on the layer with the white “Semicircle” and select “Duplicate”.
    You now have two identical Layers where both semicircles lie on top of each other. With your Pick Tool, you drag the top semicircle over to the other side of the heart.
    With your Pick Tool, you can rotate the top layer, the opposite way.